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Title: Message with a Bottle.
Author: Avidreadergirl
Pairing: Gen. House, Lucas. mentions of Luddy, Huddy and brief Wuddy.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers through 7x23 “Moving On.”
Summary: House comes to terms with the ultimate consequences of his actions on the lives of his friends.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to David Shore and Co.
Authors Note: After 7x23 I needed a way to wrap up cannon for myself, this is what I think should have happened instead of s8.
Authors Note 2:I’m very lucky to have received the impeccable beta reading skills of [info]silent_snark, The Queen of Comma’s and Periods, all errors that remain are my own.

Message with a Bottle )

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Title: Present Grief

Author: Avidreadergirl

Disclaimer: Blah don’t own, Blah don’t sue me.

Parings: Gen: House and  Wilson, but the subject is Cuddy

Spoilers: Massive for 5x06 Joy.

Summary: “A twenty-something, high school dropout, drug addict has succeeded in making Cuddy more miserable, because she admires her, than you’ve ever been able to, and you were trying.” 

A/N: This is my version of how House got to Cuddy’s doorstep at the end of 5x06 Joy. I’m always eternally grateful to my Beta readers the Wonderful Silverwaterfall and the Amazing Silent_Snark, all mistakes that remain are mine.

the story is here... )
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Title: The Witching Hour (part one)
Originally posted; Halloween 2007
Author: Avidreadergirl
Disclaimer: Don't sue me!
Rating: R for soft-focus sex and language
Spoilers: up to 4x05 Mirror, Mirror (set just after this episode) 
Summary: When Boo-Peep ditches House at the Halloween Pedes Fundraiser he sets his sights on tricking some treats out of the Wicked Witch. Huddy Halloween Fluff
Pairing: House/Cuddy, Cameron and Wilson
A/N grateful thanks to my beta [livejournal.com profile] silverwaterfall  , who rocks, and takes the time to put my commas where they belong even when whacked out on lithium and radioactive iodine. All mistakes that remain belong to me.

the witching hour part one is here... )
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Title: Living the Nightmare
Author: Avidreadergirl
Paring: Cuddy centric gen, House, Foreman,
Rating: PG
For Cuddy_fest Prompt: #72 five nightmares Cuddy has regularly.
Summary: Sometimes making the right decision can have negative consequences.
Spoilers: through the first ten minutes of House's Head.
Disclaimer: House MD belongs to David Shore, the Mystery Guest Psychiatrist belongs to Grubstreet Productions and Paramount. No infringement of copyright is intended.
AN:I love my beta readers! The Amazing [profile] silverwaterfall her ninja beta Kari and the wonderful and wise [personal profile] silent_snark I'm deeply lucky to have their help. All mistakes that remain belong to me and me alone. All comments and concrit are welcomed.

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Title: Better Than Sex
Author: Avidreadergirl aka Wrytingtyme
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Raiting: PG-13
For: Vday_Huddy EXchange
Prompt Requirments: House and Cuddy NOT already in an established relationship, Valentine's Day, Chocolate,.Huddy kissage,  Extra credit if you manage to fit some kind of dare in there.  I"m sad to say I didn't get the extra credit. .
General Spoilers for Season 4 up to 4x12 "Don't Ever Change" Includes use of 13's name.
:"You want me to go to the fundraiser; you always want me to go to the fundraisers. You like it when the donors can press the flesh with the great, powerful, and awesomely reputationed me " 
Disclaimer:  Not Mine!: Please Don't Sue Me!

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Title: If The Underwear Fits.

Rating: K+

Spoilers: For “You Don’t Want to Know.”

Summary:  Missing Scene from episode “You Don’t Want to Know.” House confronts Cuddy about trying to subvert his survivor game, Cuddy tells him about the evil of visible panty lines.

Words: 600 really quick drabble type thing because I needed House and Cuddy to talk for more than three seconds this episode.

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Part two of the loose ends fic.



Oct. 2nd, 2007 11:07 pm
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Warning: this fic is un-beta'd 

I'm not kidding about the above, It is also a crack!fic (in that the situation described is not something that could happen in RL and I know that, thanks, I wonder if the House MD writers get those notes, they do stuff that's almost as crazy. Almost) so with that in mind if you'd like to read some cracky-hurt/comfort House/Cuddy/Wilson-y schmaltz click the link

the fic is set at the beginning of S4, during House's Survivor Game. It was written during the hiatus between S3 and S4.

badfic under here.... you have been warned... click at your own risk.... )


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