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Last year I signed up for two fics for the Cuddy-Fest.  The first, "Living the Nightmare." I finished in time. Yay me :)  The second, barnburner for the prompt "Five times Cuddy really wanted to hit House and one time she did."  Remains unfinished and at this point it probably won't be. I figure if canon Cuddy has enough self-control to not punch House when he says "You'd make a great mother." in Joy or after the boob grab in LTEC, she isn't going too.

Since how Cuddy was compelled to use the password "partypants" for the PPTH main frame relates to the time (in my fic) that she did hit him and it came up in a discussion I'm posting it here.
This is a vignette, unfinished and unbetaed, and since I'm dysgraphic and have a doctor’s note that says punctuation is optional, when I say unbeated I really do mean read at your own risk.  You have been warned. 

Barnburn unfinished and unbetaed. )
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Title: If The Underwear Fits.

Rating: K+

Spoilers: For “You Don’t Want to Know.”

Summary:  Missing Scene from episode “You Don’t Want to Know.” House confronts Cuddy about trying to subvert his survivor game, Cuddy tells him about the evil of visible panty lines.

Words: 600 really quick drabble type thing because I needed House and Cuddy to talk for more than three seconds this episode.

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Part two of the loose ends fic.



Oct. 2nd, 2007 11:07 pm
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Warning: this fic is un-beta'd 

I'm not kidding about the above, It is also a crack!fic (in that the situation described is not something that could happen in RL and I know that, thanks, I wonder if the House MD writers get those notes, they do stuff that's almost as crazy. Almost) so with that in mind if you'd like to read some cracky-hurt/comfort House/Cuddy/Wilson-y schmaltz click the link

the fic is set at the beginning of S4, during House's Survivor Game. It was written during the hiatus between S3 and S4.

badfic under here.... you have been warned... click at your own risk.... )


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